Sunday, November 20, 2011

Before and After...a chair and table

Occasionally, I go a bit nutty and decide that either a free chair or a thrift shop table can be rescued in time for an event I will be hosting.

Well, I managed to do so on time (3 days!) and with rather good results. With directions I found here, I updated both in time for use at a bridal shower.

Chair before:

Chair after:

Table before and during:

Table after:

Originally, I had wanted to put the damask design on the top of the table, but with it's surface being hard glass like stuff, I had to settle for the bottom. I think I am pleased with it that way because it allows me to layer doilies on top. There will be a third one, but I am still crocheting it.

The stickers came from Joann Fabric in their wall sticker area. I just cut them here and there to get the desired look.