Saturday, August 17, 2013

Experimentations in Manga

I have never actually drawn Manga before, but for certain reasons I decided to give it a try the other week.

Things I have learned about drawing Manga:

1. It is important to have knowledge of figure drawing. This can be obtained through going to a local figure drawing class as frequently as possible (preferred method) or drawing from reference photos or the people around you. Since a good and affordable figure drawing session is hard to find in my area it's usually me contorting myself in front of a mirror.

2. Know the anatomy differences from Manga to real figure drawing. Manga shoulder width is much slighter then from life drawing. Also, Manga characters are a head shorter. This was a great video.

3. Expressive eyes and facial features. Practice these.

4. Hair. This video was great at explaining the basics of drawing hair.

My page of warming up to the Manga style.

Some improvement on the next page.

And my final drawing that made it all worth it. A fox girl, that someday I will get around to coloring.