Sunday, January 20, 2008

The sea dragon and the mermaid princess

A few Fridays ago I had the joy of hanging out with my best friend and her 6 year-old son. We gathered at her kitchen table and made art. Her son is a budding artist, a child that already can sit for hours and create images on paper that surpass his age in ability. He is able to connect to that strange meditative state that most artists can obtain, the kind of state where time passes without note and it happens to be three hours later.

I drew this on that evening. I think I had his approval when he said the monster behind the mermaid was scary, and he wished to keep it for his gallery wall. I convinced him to let me take it home first so I could scan it, but I would return it to him later. I might buy a frame for it this afternoon if I am up to braving the severe cold.

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Lizzy Elliot said...

It is now hanging on his gallery wall (he decided to hang it on the "up bunk" wall so that he can look at it when he's up there.