Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All it takes is one mindless doodle...

In the beginning, I didn't think of it much. I sketch often in meetings, it helps keep my mind alert, amazingly enough. There are times when I draw something that becomes a painting later on and times when it only is chicken scratch.

I don't generally use sketch books. Using loose copy paper for my initial sketches, makes me feel less bound. Sketch books are bound, and being bound in any form stifles my creativity. Sketch books aren't for everyone. I do wish they were for me, in college I would lust over the richly packed books of my fellow class mates. But as it turns out I go into spasms of panic over sketch books. It's something I am working on.

In the absence of loose leaf paper, I use my daily planner form work. Two years of planners, full ideas drawn out subconsciously waiting for future reference.

In this post are the sketches that began the series of jewelry I am doing on etsy. I think I intended later for these scribbles to become a vector illustration. It didn't work out like that.

So as you can see from the shear multitude of sketches, you can take an idea and redraw it multiple times before you are finally satisfied with the results.

Getting it right the first time is not necessary in art. What is necessary is letting your idea breathe, recreate itself and mature.

I began with the idea that wire would be the perfect medium to express these designs in. But it didn't work out that well. One of my electives in college was Jewelry 101 and I recalled the technique of cutting metal to pierce out a design.

I had a jewelers saw and some metal, namely copper sheets, from past projects painting miniature figures. A hobby that turned out to be an utter waste of time and money. Aside from impressing gamer boys with my mad painting skillz gleamed from my college education, it had no real-life application and didn't give me the satisfaction art did. Creating something from absolutely nothing.

It was this realization that finally woke me up. My hobbies and my art, up until now were ones meant to please other people. What I consider my best art was beyond that sphere. So let this be a lesson to you ladies. Do what YOU want to do, and you will be truly happy.

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Serve yourself
No one else can do for you like you...

From an obscure Smashing Pumpkins b-side called "Starla". Those words along with the subsequent lyrics were tattooed across the back of a t-shirt I used to wear in our college days. Seemed kind of appropriate.