Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A peek at this years Christmas Card

During my week off, I successfully completed the drawing and nearly the entire coloring of this years Christmas Cards. Hooray! I am early this year. Though how I am going to put it together remains to be seen.

After sending the drawing to my best friend, an art teacher, to get reassurance that her head isn't to big for her body, I began work on the painting. I choose to go with the Polar Bear in honor of the up coming movie The Golden Compass.

The books themselves are fabulous. But I refuse to listen to them again for fear of having the same reaction when I saw Stardust. Sorry Niel Gaimen, love you and your work but I ruined a perfectly great movie by compairing it to the book.

I am thrilled about the movie, but unthrilled that some of the more controversial elements, the meat and bones, might be taken out. Please don't let me get started on them. If you think people had a field day trying to ban Harry Potter, the voracity of sentiment in trying to get the His Dark Materials series banned will be like a wild and crazy Holiday Party where someone spiked the punch and everyone was thirsty.

On the movie site my Daemon is the Snow leopard, the same as Lyra's father. Try it out!

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You drew a bear. Seriously, you drew a bear. I LOVE bears! I want a card!

I never read that book(s), but the only reason I've decided to see that movie is because of the bears. That's it.

Bears rule.

Have I been drinking?

Apparently so...

Tina said...

Yeah Bears in Armor Rock. LOL I forgot they are your thing.

I am on my third glass of wine tonight myself. Took tomorrow off.

Email your addy.